It's The Little Things

I just wanted a cup of Coffee!

After dropping my girls off at MDO (mothers day out) I just wanted to get a cup of coffee and get on my computer to start working on getting my site up for my blogging. So instead of going to Starbucks like usual I wanted to find a local coffee shop. I used my trusty phone to search in maps for coffee shops near me and boom popped up Rice Brothers Coffee Company. I looked it up to see what they were all about and was immediately curious. The pictures showed that it was a coffee shop inside a thrift store.. WHAT?! If anyone knows me they know I LOVE thrifting.  As soon as i walk in I am immediately greeted by Eric, he runs the coffee side, he took my order and told me I was welcome to sit at one of the tables, he let me know that the tables change all the time so what I sit at today may not be there tomorrow because it is apart of the thrift store. Such a cool vibe and very unique. I sat for a little while playing on my phone, drinking my coffee and eating a breakfast burrito. Eric came by and took any trash I had, super nice of him. I decided to ask what the story was behind the store. He told me that he had started up a little drive thru coffee store off the corner of Huffmeister/Cypress N. Houston… again WHAT?! I live right there and know that exact coffee stand.. Then decided to start up another store with his brother Alan, so they joined forces and have been impacting the community with faith, love and the most kind hearts for the last 4 years. I was in awe of what I just stumbled across. I did some more digging and found this little article that was written about them and couldn’t have said it better about what I learned all in getting to talk with them both in just an hour.

The article is written by Shawn Arrajj

Brothers Eric and Alan Rice have lived and raised families in Cy-Fair, and both have found careers where they can connect with the community in different ways. Eric has been a passionate coffee brewer for as long as Alan has been a homeless activist. They each pursued their individual objectives for about 10 years, but came together under one roof on Jones Rd in April 2014, which turned out to be mutually beneficial, Alan said.

We bring each other customers, we have people come in for coffee who end up buying something from New Life and vice versa.

Alan Rice

Offerings at New Life, which Alan describes as “upscale resale for less” including clothing, appliances, too;s, furniture, electronics and decor items. All items in the store are donations from the community, Alan said. Money raised goes to Houston non-profit Spirit Key to house people and fund program at an on site job office. The Rice Brothers Coffee shop serves organic coffees along with specialty drinks, such as frappes, granitas and smoothies.


Y’all what did I stumble upon, I could’t believe there were still people in this world that were dedicating their lives to making the world a better place and not asking for anything in return, it is so rare these days. I will be sharing another blog about Spirit Key which is a foundation for the homeless that Alan started. AMAZING stuff.

I definitely recommend everyone to stop by and just listen to their stories, I can’t get enough and will be a regular their forever now.